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What payments does TFP accept?

  • Paypal
  • Major credit/debit cards
  • Sezzle
  • Invoice-Now-Pay-Later

Is there any charges for different payment methods?

Paypal, credit/debit cards, and Sezzle are fee-free.

Invoice-now-pay-later charges a 10% convenience fee.

What is Sezzle? How does it work?

Sezzle is a no-interest, no-credit-check financing system. You apply through Sezzle, either independently or at checkout at TFP. If they approve you, your order total is split in to four equal payments. The first payment is due at checkout. The other 3 payments come out from your account on file with Sezzle, automatically, 2 weeks apart.

We do NOT wait until your order is 'paid off' to ship your items. If your order is ready to ship before your final Sezzle payment, we will ship it!

Sezzle can be used on ALL types of orders - pre-orders, retail orders, warehouse sales, and RTS from the Supplier sales.

See more information here:


  • Suzy fills up her Fluffy Penguin cart with $100 worth of items. She goes to check out, selects Sezzle.
  • Suzy is taken to Sezzle's application. She fills in her information and is approved (NO credit check required!).
  • Suzy will pay $25 up front, as soon as she's approved and completes her Fluffy Penguin checkout.
  • Two weeks later, Suzy is charged for her second payment - $25.
  • Two weeks later, Suzy is charged for her third payment - $25.
  • Suzy's order is ready to ship! We go ahead and ship it, even though it's not 'paid off' yet. There are no shipping delays because you chose Sezzle!
  • Two weeks later, Suzy is charged for her final payment - $25.
  • Total paid: $100! No additional fees, charges, or interest.

What is Invoice-Now-Pay-Later? How does it work?

INPL is an in house system where we invoice you now, but allow you 30 days to pay for your order. There is no down payment or split payments - you pay for your entire order at once when you're ready.
INPL orders are charged a 10% convenience fee.
We do NOT ship until your order is paid.
INPL orders are only valid for pre-orders placed at They are NOT available with retail orders, "Ready to Ship from the Supplier" sales, or warehouse sales on Facebook.
See more information or apply here:


  • Suzy is in love with an item, but payday isn't for another week.
  • Suzy decides to use INPL. She applies (via the link above) and is approved to start making orders.
  • Suzy logs in to her TFP account and adds items to her cart. She selects "Pay Later".
  • Suzy fills out her shipping information and submits her order.
  • We check over her order, add our 10% fee, and send her an invoice.
  • A week later, it's payday! Yay! Suzy pays for her order. One payment!
  • She gets an order confirmation and her order ships soon after.

    Is there a minimum order?

    No! We do not require any minimum order amounts to use any of our payment methods.

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